It’s all about …. my favourite brands NOW

Sage is all the rage. Get your fix for the season with gorgeous Dutch brand gray label’s boys and girls linen summer collection Etta and I believes in everything natural. She makes her own organic dyes using everyday essentials such as onion skins which will ensure your baby’s skin stays lovely and soft. Aussie brand […]

Koko’s nest 

Practical baby blankets (because the lovely cashmere ones, I was told i’d never use, but I did – still do) can be quite dire. The usual cute animals, the pinks and blues and yellows and creams. And let’s face it, cashmere is gorgeous, but if there’s a cotton alternative that you can quickly wash, why […]

Pretty play mats

I’ve just made the fatal error of buying alphabet foam mats for my little one so that our sitting room becomes a tiny bit more child friendly…but they look awful..I hate them! And am tempted to chuck the lot out of the window and buy one of these instead: Contact for a direct purchase […]

Bean bags!

My little boy is 8 months old and I’m learning so much with him. The number one thing, is that he loves to throw himself about having no boundaries! So for my peace of mind, and hopefully for his safety, I’m looking to get some bean bags for the house. Maybe one in his room […]


Doo dah This gorgeous online store is my latest find. Based in Leeds, and run by husband and wife and mama and papa, they are a real inspiration that a) working Witt family can actually work and b) how cute must this couple be to love the same things! Love!!! Claire- The Curator- has 16 […]

Personalised gifts for the little ones

Who doesn’t love to receive personalised gifts??  Here are the ones I would love to receive … Magnificent Stanley jumper £22 Jonny’s sister kids deckchairs £65 Jonny’s sister train £26 MLS bathrobe Prices start from £45 NOTHS racing car £99 Dora mouse blanket £95 Plantabox fancy dress box £37 Bubblegum balloons £36 Wooden toy gallery rattle £14.50 Chatsworth cabinet toy box £385

My Sardinian dream home

We’ve just come back from a lovely family holiday in Sardinia and I wanted to share with you the most beautiful house…. I hope it can provide even just one of you lovely readers with some inspiration…