Lenny love: unique British mini brands

LENNY LOVE. A collection of unique, British brands, for kids, all in one place. 

Melissa, an Australian living in London (Battersea) for almost twelve years, but born to British parents jokes to me that this is how she has her UK passport.

Melissa worked in HR for many years for some great corporations such as the BBC, but her true background lies in pattern making and design, which is what she studied.  (She does admit to me though that she hasn’t touched a sewing machine or designed an item of clothing since coming to the UK in 2005!)

In 2015, she had her first child (Lenny) at the ripe old age of 41, and really struggled to find funky clothes for him. She wasn’t keen, like myself, to dress him in cookie cutter Jo Jo Maman Bebe’/Mothercare etc style clothing. And with this dissatisfaction, alongside a lot of thought, the idea of Lenny love was born.

Melissa scoured the internet and social media for  amazing small British brands that were developed by mums in very similar circumstances to herself. Lenny love’s aim is not only to sell the cutest kidswear out there, but also to support mums who have gorgeous small businesses.

There’s a slight sadness to Melissa’s story though, in that she is so keen to raise awareness about miscarriage. Unfortunately when Lenny was just 5 months old, she miscarried soon after. 

2016 was a difficult year for her. She was pregnant 5 times and had 5 miscarriages (the last one happened over Christmas). She is keen for me to write about this as she feels people are timid on the subject. “No one talks about it. I’ve been open with some friends and family about what I’ve been through but not with all of them. But as soon as you open up to someone you hear a very similar story that they’ve been through. Waiting until you’re 12 weeks to announce your pregnancy is madness. It only perpetuates the stigma around miscarriages.” Watch this space as I’m sure she’ll support anything to do with the awfulness of miscarriage via her new business adventure.

On a more positive note though, here are my top picks on her gorgeous website:


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