A little something for mama

I’m not a fan of the traditional gift lists which are all over magazines and websites at this time of year- ready for the heavily commercialised Mother’s Day! I mean, a mama should have gifts every day right? Why just one day a year?? But then again, that’s completely unrealistic. But, mamas, take note of these spoiling gifts as it might be perfect timing to mention them to your partners! And yes, I realise this is a complete contradiction of what I wrote in my first sentence. :):)

Neom organics , in Wimbledon village, SW19, offers a 90 minute sleep treatment for £95. Neom promise this: 100% natural fragrances for the mind & body, made in Britain from ethically sourced, sustainable origins, only natural & organic ingredients, no petrochemical paraffin or mineral wax, no artificial perfume only pure essential oils and no harsh preservatives.

What’s not to like? Also the shop is a beautiful treasure trove of oils, creams, bubble bath, candles and more, with Alessandra, the store manager, guiding you through what scents are right for you. An absolute dream!

They also offer a 40 minute FREE sleep guide to anyone passing by the Wimbledon village shop, including a divine hand massage whilst talking you through the different scents to make you sleep better.

FOLKKE Espadrilles Bianca (€75) will be that touch of beach glamour that will make you feel just that much better about yourself! 

Tori at TBalance Has created the perfectly balanced bracelets which will be THE arm candy to have this summer! £12 please email her at Tori@tbalance.co.uk to order.

The Supercar event is the perfect day out for all the family, especially if you’re into vintage cars and racing cars! But most importantly, by attending the event in Surrey, on the 24&25th June 2017, you will be supporting The children’s trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with a brain injury. 

From helicopter and truck rides, mini tanks and Diggerland, to Caterham Sevens and hovercrafts, there’s entertainment for the whole family – not just dad. There is also the Lexus LFA and a 4×4 course. Younger guests can have their first driving experience with Stay Safe Driving School (age 14 plus), take a fire engine ride or try the Mini Monster Truck Mania!

Family ticket (2 adult, 2 children aged 4-16) £30, adult ticket £12, child and concession tickets £8 if pre-booked. To book tickets visit http://www.thesupercarevent.com.

For the mamas that just need to wind down after a busy day, why not try the following:

Sauvugnon blanc £7

Sensi prosecco £16.99

Tala home design, based in Greece, makes the most delicious baskets! I want all of them!! They ship worldwide thankfully!!

Desmond and Dempsey Pineapple pyjamas please!!!!! £95

Marloe London‘s precious scarf, blankets are exactly what one needs for any flight, car journey or even just perfect to cuddle up in on a summers evening! £75

Anne Lor jewellery workshops for you and your friends are a great escape from the kids whilst learning a new skill. Anne Lor comes to your home and teaches a group of up to 7 people how to make your own designed gold plated bracelet! £100.

Elina Linardaki‘s sandals are exquisite for that summer beach holiday!€230


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