Koko’s nest 

Practical baby blankets (because the lovely cashmere ones, I was told i’d never use, but I did – still do) can be quite dire. The usual cute animals, the pinks and blues and yellows and creams. And let’s face it, cashmere is gorgeous, but if there’s a cotton alternative that you can quickly wash, why not? 

www.kokosnest.com captures all the above specs into one brand. It all started with Sy’s (founder) first attempt to knit her daughter a blanket. After making a significant investment in yarn and spending countless hours knitting, what resulted was indeed something beautiful — an heirloom blanket. But two days into her experience as a parent, her baby spit up all over it and the blanket sat in her laundry basket waiting for a hand-wash-and-lay-flat-to-dry treatment that would never come to pass in their new lives as parents. 

She soon realised her heirloom baby blanket didn’t do much more than sit on a shelf alongside several other baby items that served no practical function in their lives as modern families.

It was at this point that she set out to design a baby blanket for the modern family — something beautiful with function and purpose. And that’s the koko’s nest birth story. 
The blankets are made with the most luxurious 100% Superset Egyptian Cotton twisted in the Lombardy region of Italy. Koko’s nest partnered up with a Scotsman with over 30 years experience in the knitting industry, both in his native Scotland and in the high-end fashion industry of New York City. And they developed the Modern Heirloom baby blanket using both advanced technology and the most skilled craftsmanship to produce each blanket ethically, sustainably and in small batches, in her native America.

The blankets are created by using a stitch and weight that is warm, but light and breathable. It’s durable enough to withstand your washer, dryer, and the rough and tumble of modern life, but has just enough give to feel like a loving hug when you wrap it around your little one.



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