The Paradise Catcher 

I worked with Emily for quite a few years at British Vogue. And what you see with her, is exactly what you get. Emily is gorgeous inside and out and she’s such a treasure, I’m glad I found her! 

She moved back to her native Australia the summer of 2014, and I believe it was this change of scenery, away from the beautiful but grey London and into the magical colours of Australia that inspired her to start her blog and carve an interior design career out for herself. But, she’s not just a pretty face, and Emily has added another wing to her portfolio now. Under her brand name The Paradise Catcher, Emily is producing bespoke, monogrammed straw bags for mamas and little ones and they’re really, really nice!

There are three motives to chose from and a max of three letters which can be monogrammed. There is also an option to custom order.  And best of all, she ships worldwide! 

I can’t wait to get my hands on the mini Capri, with my baby boys initials so he starts the summer in style! Visit her website here for more info:


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