I visited Scoop international trade show today in London, for work, and…wow! There are so many gorgeous brands out there that are not known to us!! I fell in love with this Dutch RTW brand called Anecdote. And the best thing is, they also have a children’s wear line that they are expanding rapidly. So buy for mama, buy for baby… bingo!

The brand was founded in 2009 by Jetteke van der Wyck – van Beuningen and every Anecdote collection is based on her personal stories. Her stories and inspiration come from her love of nature, her passion for travel and discovering new cultures and local traditions as well as cherishing heritage, family and friends.Whatever the source, her inspiration always expresses itself subtly in the Anecdote designs and can end up in a color palette, a texture or an outline.

What I personally adore about it, is it’s minimalist design, yet luxurious feel and complete un identity to the common person. Oh and watch this space for a divine olive green shearling jacket that will be available next a/w!!

Available online


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