Ink soup illustrations

Siobhan Barlow… Dog walker by day, illustrator by night! (& any free time she has in between doggy chores!

Having spent most of her childhood in the coutryside surrounded by animals and unusual pets, not too dis-similar to Gerald Durrell’s “My Family and other Animals!!” (A pet sheep living in her family sitting room!) she developed a passion for drawing animals which has stayed with her until today. Not to say she isn’t bloody brilliant at drawing humans too! 

After graduating in Fine art, Siobhan moved to London where she began her many years of working with children and dogs, intergrating her art work as much as possible. But it’s only been recently that she’s managed to really delve into her talent and take time to draw commissions and experiment styles.

Siobhan is discreet, she’s modest and rarely tells you what’s really going on behind the scenes and that’s what’s to love about her. She’s illustrated for several children’s writers and created her own greeting cards which she sells online, to name but a few things.

Her creative stamp, so to speak, is working mainly in watercolour, ink and pencil. She has a fantastic comical side to her so she loves themes from monsters, super hero farm animals and dogs, but she’s confident and more than able to take on new projects, testing her comfort zones but producing dreams!

She is a local mummy too!!! Here’s her fabulous website:


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