Toastie pig

I came across this brand through my personal Instagram feed and I’m so glad I did as I’ve fallen head over heals with it!

The Toastie Pig (Visit website HERE) team is based between the Cotswolds and London, ensuring  they draw inspiration from both the beautiful outdoors and the fast-paced whirlwind of city life. All their products are inspired by their family lifestyles, they are predominantly a hat based brand – with trimmings on the side! From Winters in Salcombe on the beach and sailing trips across cold, fresh waters, to skiing holidays on the slope, it is vital to keep their children’s heads warm.

Quality is key for them and they are proud to say that their new limited edition range, which has literally just become available on the website, is 100% hand knitted. I mean come on!! Where do you find this nowadays???

Before they launched Toastie Pig the founders were split working in the rat race in London and for various other brands within the world of outerwear fashion. It had always been the dream to design and produce their own products, and so the time came for them to leave their old roles for something more nourishing for the soul. They made the move and launched Toastie Pig in September 2015, so they are still in their early days! Please support them by making sure your babies heads & feet are lovely and warm! I know I can’t wait to get my little boy rocking the navy blue Pom Pom hat!!!! Roll on winter just for the sake of TOASTIE PIG!!

Fur Pom Pom hats£35

Baby booties £20


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