I don’t cycle! I’ve never liked cycling…but my husband has made me cycle on our holiday in Tuscany, bribing me with a second hand Duck egg blue Graziella, and I’m actually quite enjoying it! The best thing is, is that our little boy thinks it’s the best thing ever so of course that helps me too! The first couple of times I was terrified and would come off the bicycle with very stiff arms after having tensed them the whole way, but now I’ve learnt my balance and speed limits and it feels ok…no, I won’t be rushing to buy one in London but it’s not as bad as I thought! 

With bicycles in mind- I saw these on Pinterest and thought they were very nice indeed!

Italia veloce POA

Avocado lite Customised Raleigh caprice

Graziella POA

Here’s a blurry picture of my Graziella and the family cycling… (I have punctured the wheel already so it’s getting fixed hahaha!)

And if I ever were to buy myself a bicycle back at home I’d obviously like to edit it to make it more me so here are some bike accessory ideas in case you want to pimp your ride too:


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