Yolanda Naturally: eating like we all should 

Yolanda Neumüller, (visit her website NOW: www.yolandanaturally.com) mother of one year old May & food lover, is my latest inspiration for a nutritious and balanced eating guru. I’m always looking for inspiration for my food plans and now of course I’m even more keen to use what I learn in my baby’s diet. She uses proper food, foraged and picked by herself and how wonderful that there are still people who do this. I haven’t met Yolanda but she comes across as passionate and so eager to spread her true interest in food to as many people as possible. 

Her blog is beautiful and she’s obviously got an amazing eye for photos but I wanted to know more about her, so I sent her some questions to answer:

What’s your background and tell me a bit about life for you.
I grew up in Norway & then moved to London when I was 17. I left university after the first year to train as an athlete and to open a little coffee shop. After a few years I moved on to work in community & retail for Sweaty Betty, then me & my husband ran our own male sports shop Suka. During this time I studied sports nutrition & then holistic nutrition at IIN. I started developing recipes, advising business on health, creating menus & photographing food. A year ago, we left London moved to Munich & welcomed our daughter into the world. 
What are your 5 favourite ingredients?

Roasted almonds, chickpeas, chia seeds, raw cacao, carrots (picking just 5 was very very hard) 

How did your passion for all things healthy and food start?
I’ve always been sporty. I love the discipline of training & I still find a huge amount of solace in quiet early morning runs. Growing up I was lucky to have a mum that cooked from scratch & to live in a country that valued seasonal foods and also foraging. Berry picking is basically in my DNA 😉 Over the last few years I’ve loved learning more, studying nutrition from different angles & teaching myself more in the kitchen. 

You have a baby…when do you find you have the most time to relax and cook?

The motherhood struggle is real. I get up at 5am so that I can run or workout. I also love that getting up that early buys me 30minutes of post run quiet time to read the news & drink coffee. I tend to cook, test recipes & photograph during Mays nap time. May also goes to nursery now three mornings a week which is when I get super busy. A couple of nights a week me and the husband sit together, we make dinner, turn off the screens and chill out. I also have a weekly wine date with another mama friend 🙂 

On a busy day, What’s your lunchtime routine & your baby’s? 
On busy days or days when naps don’t happen lunch is normally a Buddha bowl thrown together from the fridge. I food prep one night a week – roasting nuts & vegetables, cooking quinoa etc. I leave salt out of the food prep entirely which means that May can have roasted vegetables with a mini omlette or quinoa mixed with puréed vegetables. I also find having a stash of baked sweet potato is always a good idea! 

Her favourite recipe of all time (well for now ;)) for her darling daughter May is her blueberry chia jam.  She tells me that all you need is 400g of fruit, a splash of water and 4tbsp chia seeds. You can add in spices like vanilla or cinnamon. With harder fruit like apples or pears you simply puree the fruit after it has softened and then add the chia. This jam is totally refined sugar free and best of all is packed with heart healthy Omega oils. 

Here is the recipe:

Blueberry chia jam 


400g blueberries 

5tbsp chia 

3 tbsp water

Place the washed fruit into a pan with the water 

On a low heat allow the fruit to soften and stew

One the fruit is broken down remove from the heat and add the chia seeds

Stir well and leave to cool 

The chia seeds with swell and absorb any liquid turning your fruit into instant jam 


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