It’s really hard to find presents or gifts to yourself that you know will be eternal keepsakes. Anyone who knows me, knows I am the opposite to a hoarder. I like to chuck out as much as possible so that I feel minimal- much to the horror of most of my friends and family, and poor husband! So, quite cleverly, no one gave me a baby book, because of course, I would just consider that clutter! Recently I’ve been to a home where there were pen marks all over the door frame….my first thought was how messy but then I had a stab of nostalgia as I realised the pen marks were in fact her boys height throughout the years! Of course, this is all too much for me and I will definitely not draw on the walls etc, but I wanted something that I could keep for my little boys height! It seemed important to show him when he was older! So I searched and on my door step, I found Tall tape.

Talltape Ltd was established by London mum of three, Camilla Warren, who is passionate about storing memories. She came up with the idea of a flexible plastic,  write on surface, roll-up height chart that would be portable and would make a long-lasting keepsake to pass on through the generations.

Camilla began market testing and realised that her new product had an additional hidden benefit: unlike many height charts, Talltape can be used horizontally as well as vertically.

“There’s a gap between when a newborn comes home from hospital and when they first stand up,” she says. “Of course your midwife plots your baby’s height at the beginning – I had the NHS’s little red book – but then there’s a long while until your child can stand. Talltape enables you to measure your baby from birth to adulthood, giving you a complete record for posterity.”

Manufactured in the UK, Talltape is now available in seven variations – white, baby blue and baby pink and four illustrated designs by British artists.

All tall tapes are £10.99 (inc pen) on a side note, but incredibly lovely, Camilla donates £1 from the sale of the large Tree of Life to the London charity Best beginnings.


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