Ethel and Po

Oh yes!!! I’ve got you another local gem! 

Ethel and Po is a Wandsworth based accessories store born last year, The idea came to Jemma Turton, who has a background of 20 years in fashion retail, when she couldn’t satisfy her desire to find fun, fashionable, colourful and affordable accessories to update her wardrobe. With 4 children, a husband, a dog and a cat, Jemma wanted to be able to buy presents or treat herself without feeling guilty or breaking the bank!

Jemma is a total ‘magpie’ so the range is carefully chosen to offer colour, sparkle or timeless elegance (or all 3!). 

I’m sitting, writing this in bed while the rain taps on the window above my little boy and all I can focus on is the sound of water which of course inspires me to chose the loveliest beach must haves:


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