64 South

Now you all know how much I adore finding local brands…and this one is based in Putney!!! Where I spent my school days! And not only do I love finding local brands but bloody amazing ones at that!! 

64 South is an online gift shop owned by Lucy Rae and Anna Crompton. I had a little chat with them and this is what they had to say:

What are your backgrounds? What did you study at college?

 ANNA: My background is advertising… At first in ad agencies and then I moved into TV commercials production – making TV ads and music videos.
I went to art college for a bit, but I’d already had a year travelling and my feet were still itching so it wasn’t long before I packed my bag again and went off for another 2 years working my way around the world.

 LUCY: My background is in PR. Sadly not the fashion kind but the city kind – it was easier to get into and it paid better at the time!!!!
I studied history at St Andrews for four years, unfortunately a long time before William arrived! 

What gave you the energy to start a business on your own? When did you found it and where are you based?

: It actually started with a charity stall I was running at my kids’ school… I really loved finding all the stuff to sell and when I talked to Lucy about it, realised we have exactly the same taste and love the same things, so together we decided to turn this into a business. This was only in June last year (2015) so we’re very new and our website has only been up and running for a couple of months. Before that we were doing lots of pop ups, Christmas fairs, house sales etc.. which we’re going to continue to do as well as the online shop. It is hard work with all the sales, Christmas time was full on, but I think the energy comes easily if you love what you do. We live on the same street in Putney, South West London and my kitchen is the office with the dog curled up at our feet.

What’s been the most sell out item you’ve had on the site so far?

The cashmere has been extremely popular!! Hats in fab colours which we’ll have again for Autumn / Winter this year, and also really gorgeous jumpers which are a year round winner! Our Connock London perfume and body oil have also been extremely popular – once you have tried you are hooked!


Apart from the UK, where do you ship to most in the world?

It’s only been UK so far, although friends in far off lands put their orders in when they’re here!


 There must be times when you want to strangle each other..how do you deal with those days? Coffee/glass of wine/rant?

I don’t know about Lucy, but I actually haven’t wanted to strangle her yet! We get on really well and laugh a lot.
I think that having the same taste helps hugely because we never argue over what to stock, in fact we just get excited about stuff! And we have different strengths which means we work well together.  
Coffee or wine… Wine wins every time!

: Nope haven’t felt like strangling Anna yet at all – she makes me laugh a lot – its much more likely to be the other way round as Anna is the very organised one of the outfit and I sadly am not! she writes extensive lists which are the backbone to our day to day working life!!! 

Coffee or wine……wine every time!  

Why 64South?

Route 64 takes you to Biarritz in the South of France which is also in Department 64. It’s the road to the sun, the surf, the beach… A place you want to go! 

Here are the beautiful ladies and below are my favourite items…although it’s was hard not to include everything!!!!

Star beach basket £45

The MOST AMAZING cashmere jumper £160

Frenchies £22.50

Beach coverall £45

Playsuit £50

Flamingo matches £5.50


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