Wacotto baby plus sling

My little boy loves to be carried all the time! He’s 7 months and just under 10kg. I’m 31, 164cm tall and a size small…just to give you an idea of how heavy he feels for me. He’s grown out of his baby bjorn which was a god send until he was about 5 months but for the last two months I’ve been carrying him around the house with one arm and trying to do the housework with my other! But…. I have just discovered that there is a sling exactly for this stage of development! I am beyond happy to have found it!

It’s called the Wacotto baby sling carrier. The sling supports your baby over a larger surface area, supporting baby’s spine & and their hips as any straddles your hips. The sling sits on your shoulder and stretches to the opposite hip. The sling is secure and comfortable and baby is safe!

It’s recommended for babies who can sit up unaided or from 7kg- 15kg.

There is free delivery to the UK  on it and the rrp is £40

For further enquirers email: Jodie.carrywithease@yahoo.com


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