Surrau winery, Sardinia

Some mama and papà time is always important and we don’t get much of it at all. Miraculously, however, while on holiday in Sardinia last week, our little one decided to have a rather long nap while we enjoyed an hour or so at Surrau winery in the north eastern part of the island near to the Costa smeralda area. 

I used to work in food and drink PR before my fashion days so not only do I enjoy drinking a glass of wine, I love to discover the provenance of the grape and what the vineyard looks like. 

Surrau is quite a baby in the wine world. It launched in 2004 and the winery has 50 acres to play with. They have five grape varieties growing on the land- vermentino, carignano, cannonau, muristellu & cabernet Sauvignon. The winery is very modern with amazing views and a fantastic area to wine and dine. They offer aperitivo where you enjoy a glass of your preferred wine with some delicious nibbles or you can go for the full on “degustazione” which is their wine tasting service. For €35 they give you 5 wines to taste and food and dessert. For €25 they give you 3 wines to try and food to match… I cannot wait to go and do the full wine tasting with my husband and father when I’m back in September.

The vine takes nourishment from the granite sands of the hills of Juannisolu and Capichera, the clays of the plains of Pastura and Cascioni and from the scents of the maquis of the Surrau valley. The climate is very hot in summer so the wines are flavoursome and strong, and warm and down right delicious. They are affordable wines, their most expensive reaching €25 a bottle.

They have a fantastic shop and small art gallery. 

They only have one stockist in London, and that is here: Vini Italiani in South Kensington

If you’re heading to Sardinia do try this amazing place and say hi to them from me :)! If not, visit their website


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