Mahabis slipper shoes

You know when you run in and out of the house to take out the rubbish, or water the plants, or grab some herbs for the cooking… And on an enthusiastic day you  are super disciplined and take off your slippers and put on your shoes every time and on a “who cares” day you keep your slippers on when you run out to the dirty pavement and then feel guilty that your spreading germs everywhere….well I have the answer for you! Mahabis slippers are here to solve this. They have a rubber sole that comes off super easily that then leaves you with a soft slipper. Ideal.

Launched in 2014, Mahabis is a British brand but made in Portugal and the soles are from Italy. The brand combines Scandinavian design with European craftsmanship. Prices start at £69.
For the moment the customisable slippers are only available for adults, but watch this space kiddos! Apparently they are to launch this service soonish. I can’t wait for my little one to walk so I can buy him his first super cool pair of slippers!
Shop here:

Here are some I customised:


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