Gray label

I’ve just come accross a very cool mini brand from Amsterdam. There’s nothing fancy about it and if plain isn’t your thing then you won’t have a clue why I’m raving about Gray Label but if you do, yeh …you’ve understood! 😉

The brand is designed by Emily Gray, for babies and kids aged zero to eight.

The collection consists of a year-round line of quality basics that are contemporary yet timeless & unisex, with seasonal additions. Only the softest 100% organic fabrics available are used, to ensure everyday comfort and practicality.
This is simplicity at its best, in a world that is overloaded with bright colours, ‘cute’ teddies (yuk!) and busy prints on shirts. Gray Label focuses instead on colours and designs that make grown-ups a bit envious. 

Here are my top picks:

Raw edged booties €22

Hooded jumpsuit €55

Double breasted bodysuit €50

Collar dress €48

Hooded sweater €45


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