Antonello Tedde…THE bag!

Click on this website NOW: (please, thanks! ;))

I’m so excited to write this post that I have had to re write it about three times it was all so jumbled up and just didn’t really flow! But …ahhhh….a fellow Sardinian has created the hottest bag and I want one sooo bad! Luckily I’m off to Sardinia tomorrow and cannot wait to find this treasure to bring back home. 

I need to give credit to a close friend of mine, who is so classy and hates anything fussy. She mentioned the bag to me a couple of weeks ago and described it similar to some Sardinian cushions I have in my sitting room. I must admit, I wasn’t too excited about what she was telling me until I’ve now googled it and saw it! 

Now, you must understand that the reason I’m so happy is not only because the bag is mega cute but because Antonello is from my homeland!

All of Antonello’s products are eco friendly and the heritage behind the bags travel a long, long way! He uses everything local, from the wool to the dyes to the production location.

For the moment, his e shop is being created and not yet ready but you can contact him direct on email: or buy from Matches and Liberty


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