Home away from home

If you’re off on holiday soon, why not try and make the journey as cosy and lovely as possible? Here are some travel luxuries, mama and baby style!

Coco & wolf cot duvet set £78

If you’re staying in a rented home, bring your own baby bedding, preferably already washed with your normal washing powder so that baby feels at home in a strange bed. It could make all the difference between a good nights sleep or not… Worth a try 😉

Two queen bees travel bag £35

This is such a clever bag! It folds up and fits in that pouch! Yes I know, hard to believe! Fits all the essentials and more!comes in a variety of colours but this is my favourite. 

Giggi Blu kids luggage €40

Omg! The cutest bag ever! Pretend to your husband your child definitely needs his own weekend bag ;)!

Naïf travel kit £12

Don’t forget your babies bath regime! Always use the most delicate products available especially when travelling as the water can change and baby’s skin can be more prone to skin problems.

Yoyo POA

THE pushchair for travelling. It folds up so small you can bring it on the plane with you and stow away above your seat. Now that is luxury. No more carrying your child around passport control!

Avery row go everywhere mat £65

Use this as a play mat anywhere! Also doubles up as a changing mat if you’re desperate!

Turtle dove blanket £10

Don’t forget to bring a lovely soft and light blanket for those warm summer evenings.

Bath towel for baby €39

Bath time is the best time for a snuggle together! What more could you want than your baby in this gorgeous bunny-eared delight?


Surprise your little one with some new toys to make the plane journey and beyond more pleasurable for you both!

Dummy chain 89DKK

If your baby has a dummy…do NOT LOSE IT or your holiday could turn into a nightmare. But this super chic chain so that you know your dummy is safe!

Baby more muslins £27

Even if you don’t usually need or use them, perhaps an idea to have a couple while travelling, if not to use normally, but as an extra layer for baby to sit on, lie on or in case travel sickness pops up!

Mama lip balm from lulu and boo £6.80

Treat yourself to a delicious lip balm. Cracked lips never look good and all that travelling and change of temperature will do just that.


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