Hanging baby beds

We have access to everything nowadays which is fabulous as I’m sure each and every one of us will disagree on some area of topic of babies and sleep time. My little one who is 6 months old has slept with my husband and I since day one and we love it, but that’s our choice, it doesn’t suit everyone and perhaps in a couple of months or years it won’t suit us anymore either. I respect everyone’s choice of bed for their little one. I don’t think there is a right or wrong, it’s what makes you, the parents, and baby most comfortable and happy. 
What I didn’t come across when I was pregnant however, were these hanging cribs that give the baby a similar feeling to being in the womb. I love it as an idea and would be open to trying it with baby number two, if I’m so lucky to have a second, one day!
Here are some rocking womb cribs which I personally really like:

Natura baby hammock €299

O-bjekt cradle POA

Claudia Unger hanging crib  POA

Woodly crib €680

Kindekeklein $239


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