Ceramic dreams : Suzanne Sullivan

Suzanne Sullivan is a ceramic and textile artist based in South Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where she learned ceramics as a child and was fascinated by Northwest Coast Native American art. “I like the idea of the artist as a kind of design factory, prepared to tackle all kinds of issues, whether they be extraordinary or mundane,” she says.
She had been focusing on textiles until a few years ago, where her daughter, a longtime ceramicist, suggested the two of them take a ceramics class together. “I like the things in our every day world that are not mass-produced, things that have fingerprints on them. At home, I collect twigs and sticks and nests, special rocks, pieces of small nothings from the natural world, and a lot of times, my ceramics become vessels for these things.” 

I personally adore Suzanne’s work and having come accross her via Pinterrst I was eager to share her to as many of my readers as possible!! The other great thing is that Suzanne ships worldwide which is brilliant news for us all! Her prices, excluding delivery, are also very reasonable. One of her ceramic spoons is $40 (approx £30)!!

Here are some of the treasures she makes which can be bought directly from www.koromiko.com

Ceramic spoons

White etched bowls

Speckled bowls

& here are some other beauties which are on Suzanne’s Instagram page @suzannesullivanceramics where you can contact her directly for further information.


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