A most wonderful Australian lifestyle company that creates soft furnishings and some extra’s for all the family should be your go to place from NOW ;)!

Bosiko, based in Brisbane and the clever creation of Bree Churchill was founded only this year but has proven itself to be a crafty business! Using only small and ethically run manufacturers and of course only the best materials, Bosiko has become popular with everyone hence shipping being available worldwide. 

Bree gets her inspiration from every day things such as enjoying time playing with her son, while soaking up the afternoon sunshine, (this is Australia we’re talking about ;)!!!) laughter and just generally lazing enjoying quality time with the family! The best research is to get comfortable and see what could make you more comfortable when you’re business is  mainly in the soft furnishings category!!

Bree describes Bosiko as “harmoniously minimal” and I couldn’t agree more! I would possibly just add one more word and describe it as “harmoniously minimal and effortlessly chic”… Ok more than one word, but you get the gist!

Here are my favourite items readily available on her website now… (Please note all images from the Bosiko website and or Bosiko’s Instagram)

Pirates & mermaids rattle

Our girl cushion

Crown print

Dimensional wall cloud



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