Little Maggie Moo


Firstly, this is not paid for, no gifts have been exchanged ..etc etc… I just LOVE this shop! And the story behind its success is even more magical!

Ansje, Christy & Maggie

Little Maggie Moo was founded in December 2013 by a mother (Ansje) and daughter (Christy). The name Maggie Moo quite wonderfully derives from Christy’s daughter Maggie.  

The duo started out making baby bibs but soon expanded their range and introduced the most delightful baby bloomers, top knots, head wraps and bandana bibs.  They soon developed a strong customer base and from the loyalty they receive they have managed to grow and grow.  Maggie Moo however remain a small brand, which in this day and age is unique. They adore receiving pictures of their customers wearing their clothes and accessories as well as enjoying all the positive comments they receive about their collections on social media.

In a world where the high street dominates, let’s try and support these beautiful, characteristic brands that are a small fish in the ocean!! Follow them on Instagram (@littlemaggimoo)! And shop till you drop on their great website: 

Here are my favourites: 


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