Hand luggage baby beauty products

If you’re going on holiday but only have hand luggage with you, here are my top beauty product essentials to ensure baby is groomed and perfumed as always!

Baby Shampoo, oil, lotion and cream all in 30ml from www.dasboep.de €3 each

Don’t forget to continue your daily massage routine with Neal’s yard baby massage oil www.nealsyardremedies.com £7.50

Organic baby bottom balm from www.luluandboo.com in 50ml £15

For those sticky hand/mouth all over body moments and no running taps use green people hand sanitiser www.greenpeople.co.uk in 100ml £10 

Sun lotion £10.99 and after sun £4.99 from Child’s Farm both in 100ml www.shop.childsfarm.com

If you’re little one has a head of hair and a day at the beach has morphed him/her into a lion cub, this will do the trick! Also good for mama!! www.originalsprout.co.uk in 30ml £3.95


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