Toddler boy and girl outfits


Summer singlet, deep sea blue from Summer and storm $48 AUD matched with Washed teal, breeze skirt from Summer and storm $58 AUD

Cape Town tie tee from Frankie jones $34.95 AUD matched with Casablanca shorties from Frankie jones $29.95 AUD

Paola romper from The little natural co £55


You are magic tee from Rylee and cru $39.00 matches with Hola amigo shorts by Children of the tribe $39.95 AUD

Horizon onesie from Jax and hedley £35-38 depending on size

Linen Korean pink shirt from Cashmirino €69 matched with Deep sea blue, stone overall from Summer and storm $69 AUD


Father’s Day gift guide

Monogrammed linen shop £95 for men and £45-£85 (depending on size) for kids

Mc2 Swimwear €98 for men €72 for kids

Superga Trainers… £50 for men and £32 for kids

Ray ban Sunglasses. £135 for men, £58 kids

Lacoste Polo. Men £75, kids £55

Deck chair Adult £85, kids £75

Hello Henry Superhero storage bag for dads toys (football kit, bike spares, BBQ tools etc) and kids toys

Ferrari For daddy and son !! Yeh this ones a joke hahaa!!!

Personalised Smythson Luggage tags from £65

Tom’s dads £35, kids £26

May 2017 Half term gems

From tractor rides to pig racing, goat milking and pony rides, Bocketts farm is a great day out for all the family! And they’ve just welcomed a new Shetland pony, in picture below!

For those lego obsessed boys and girls, forget the over hyped lego store, but head to the south bank instead and introduce them to proper lego!! The art of the brick: DC SUPERHEROES is the worlds largest collection of lego artwork and it’s only in London until September so GO, GO, GO!

There will be a rainy day for sure, so when that happens, head to The national army museums play base. Completely new and completely fantastic! There are one hour sessions to book, so book in advance if you can!

Robot zoo Will get the boys chatting to you about robots for the next couple of weeks but it’s sure to make them very happy, so make that sacrifice ;)!

Garsons farm are ready for your little Ines this half term by organising a paint your own bird box activity. For only £3 per child (3yrs+) you can have at least an hour of fun organised and potentially grab yourself a cup of coffee at the cafe too … it’s worth a try!

Take a trip to the countryside and immerse yourself in Wakehurst’s wonderful woodlands with adventurous and fun activities for all the family. Tree climbing, woodland crafts, sculpture, stories, performance and play. Wakehurst is the destination day trip!

The fantastic world of Dr. Seuss is a must see. In Stratford until September and a real gem for both kids and parents!

Richmond’s Pools in the park is a mini holiday break on your doorstep! Pick a warm day, get your picnic ready and go swim in the sunshine!

And after all that love and dedication you’ve given to your kids, if life permits and you’ve got space for date night, why not head to Brixton beach on a gorgeous spring evening, so you can pretend, for one night only, that you’re actually in Barbados (and it’s only £10 a ticket v a BA flight and hotel! #winning)!!

To boob or not to boob???

I wrote this for another fabulous parenting blog Mumfidential a couple of weeks ago and I got the most amazing amount of positive responses, I never imagined or expected I would get. I wrote it not only to get it off my chest, but to potentially help even one other mama who was going through my situation and try and give her the courage and reassurance that it’s ok!

To those curious, here is what I wrote:

Celebrities make it look easy and beautiful on social media, which makes a lot of mothers who are unable to do it feel upset and angry.

It’s publicised for being wrong and it’s publicised for being right. It’s deemed the most natural thing in the world by some and “just put them away” by others.

Yes, I’m talking about breastfeeding!!

My little boy is 17 months old and SHOCK, HORROR, I am still breastfeeding him during the day.

AND during the night.

When he was under a year old and I’d tell people I was still at it, I’d get nothing but praise and “wow well done you”, but it all changes when your child hits the one button.

It then becomes really strange that you’re still giving your baby your boobie.

And yes, I actually do get embarrassed if I have to feed him in public, even though I have now mastered hiding the boob.

I’m aware of people’s thoughts and they get to me.

I never planned to breastfeed for so long.

I didn’t want to. I quite want my life back (he’s still waking at night for it so I have never been out in the evening! shock, horror again!).

I’m ready to give it up but nobody tells you how difficult it is to stop breastfeeding, on you and baby, when they are so busily telling you the benefits whilst you cradle your newborn.

I tried to stop. I went cold turkey (on doctors advice) during the days for a week (nights are a feeding heaven for my boy so I was keeping the hardest bit last) but then I got a terrible bout of mastitis and another doctor told me to continue feeding if I could, until it cleared with antibiotics and then to drop feeds.

What doctors can’t advise you, is on situations out of their textbooks.

At 17 months it’s quite hard dropping a feed as the feeds are not for hunger but for comfort I suppose.

I’m the dummy, the comforter, the “blanky”, the special toy all rolled into one.

It’s what brightens up your baby on a rainy day and it’s what makes them happy when they’re going through life changes and teething and hurting themselves.

And I know it can be replaced, and sometimes I wish I was tough enough to just stop. No more. End of!

But he’s still little and it’s his favourite thing in the world.

I can sacrifice a little longer. I can because I’m home with him for now, and that’s why! I’m very lucky.

But things will change. I will go back to work and I will have to stop things. And I hope I’ll get the encouragement any woman deserves as it will be harder for me than for my boy, of that I’m sure!

I’ve essentially come too far and am feeling guilty/clueless and somewhat terrified about taking his boobie away from him! (how do I make him sleep without boobie???).

And I’m sure I’m not please don’t judge us, or think we’re strange.

We’re not all into attachment parenting and we’re not all crazy about breast feeding.

Parenting throws situations at you that you get wrong sometimes and that are difficult to fix, so it takes a little longer to work them out!

Have patience with us and please don’t label us or put us in the looney box, but wait until we’ve overcome this obstacle and cheer us when we’re done!

And to those many of you who are always kind and supportive and there when it’s hard, thank you.

Thank you so much!

It’s all about …. my favourite brands NOW

Sage is all the rage. Get your fix for the season with gorgeous Dutch brand gray label’s boys and girls linen summer collection

Etta and I believes in everything natural. She makes her own organic dyes using everyday essentials such as onion skins which will ensure your baby’s skin stays lovely and soft.

Aussie brand studio babybird brings a whole new meaning to baby rompers. Light, fresh and just edible! Creating timeless pieces for your most treasured possession

Yoli & Otis bring pure happiness and freedom with their carefree, minimalist designs, not only for baby but also for mama! Run wild, live free and breathe with these float,organic pieces!

It’s all in the name with cub love focusing their business on contemporary keepsake quilts and playmats, as well as bedding, this surely is the place to shop at for all your nursery needs.

All handmade and produced in lithuania, la petit alice focuses on organic clothes for both you and your child. Simple, understated, yet full of character and charm.

Vines of the wild does just what is says on the pack…it’s a nature inspired child and baby stockists, not only offering clothes and toys but the most gorgeous linens you will ever come across.

Ratatouïe baby & toddler food

Get 10% off and free delivery on your first order by using code FIRST at checkout. Valid until 30/04/2017!

Helene Piquion, founder, chef and mum has recently (February 2017) launched Ratatouïe, the baby and toddler food company.

Anyone who knows me will know that I do not like pre made food, not for myself or for my little boy. That said, of course I’ve fallen into the pouch trap, which let’s face it, is a dream when out and about, but I know they’re not good food. 

However, I came across Rataouïe via Instagram. A children’s magazine, whom I had briefly worked for during uni, reviewed the food, and I was intrigued by the cute packaging it comes in. I did my homework, checked out their website and decided I was keen to give them a try too! It looked good!

So with that, I contacted Helene and discovered more about her and her amazing bew business.

Helene spent 18 years working in investment banking. She returned to work after her maternity leave but found herself utterly miserable as she did not see her daughter enough. Being a single mum, she knew it was even more important for her to be there for her daughter. The day she told her colleague off for being “too happy and giggly” was the day she knew she had to leave.

The idea of Ratatouïe was born slowly but steadily.  Helene had spent countless hours at night, after returning from a long and hard day of work, peeling, steaming and pureering for her daughter Adele. She remembers thinking to herself, “seriously? Is there nothing out there to help me out, that would be fresh, wholesome and flavoursome just the way I make it?”. 

RATATOUïE was born and became a full time job, with the full time risk that goes with entrepreneurship. Helene always wanted her own business and after a lot of thought she decided that she should try and solve the problem she found when she was a working mum and the fact that she knows how to cook made it all that easier a decision.

First things first, she had to find recipes and inspiration so she looked no further than books and magazines. Adele had started to eat more adult food and so Helene wanted to find dishes that would suit everyone in the family (adults, children, toddlers and babies) of course without the addition of salt or any nasties. With this in mind, she designs her seasonal menu (and yes they change every season) based on the big baby’s meals (which is a grown up meal really, though everything is cut in tiny bits and there is no added salt at all) and then she mixes, blends and adjusts the flavours, crushes, purees or mashes each dish to adapt the textures from 6 months ownwards.

Helene uses the following suppliers: Langridge Organics for the veg, Moen&Sons for the meat, and Moxons for the fish

Rataouïe deliver in SW postcodes for  £4.99 (minimum order of 6 jars), £3.99 delivery if you order more than 12 jars and free delivery if you order more than 18 jars. (Clients can also pick up from the kitchen, where she’s cooks, on Tuesdays and Fridays  in SW11 3SS).

Ratatouïe are also delivering throughout the rest of London on bulk orders. Helene’s idea is to deliver to working mums in different areas so that they can sort out dinner for their little ones as easy as possible and have it delivered to their desks.


BREAKFAST: Apple and pear compote

It smelt yummy, it tasted yummy and it made my little man smell delicious before I had to bathe him as he had enjoyed it so much that he was covered in it! Oh and it made him poo poo wonderfully ;)!

The apples and pears were cooked so the consistency was smooth and creamy and rich and sweet. But I liked that the skins had been left on and blended too.

LUNCH/DINNER: Chicken and garden vegetable stew (with some pancetta) and Curried root vegetable gratin.

I was worried my 15 month old would find the lumps annoying. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He was able to pick them up with his hands or fork and he loved that. The taste, and yes I absolutely tasted it, was yummy. A simple but tasty, balanced dish that I would make for myself. 

The curried gratin was delicate and milky and really tasty. I think pictures can often say 100 words so here you go: (all finished!)

Please give this mummy a go! She’s got the skills, she’s got the ingredients and she’s one hell of a cook! 

Visit her website here: and fill io your basket! You will NOT regret it! I love you Ratatouïe!